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Earth Day 2023: How Your E-Commerce Business Can Remain Sustainable and Competitive

By: Better Packages on April 11th, 2023

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In today's world, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, and small businesses need to adapt to remain competitive.

When it comes to packing and shipping, tape is an important and non-negotiable part of the process. Unfortunately, traditional hand-held tape dispensers can be wasteful and the tape itself often needs more than one layer to fully seal packages. 

That’s where the Curby Mini-Taper comes in - it offers a wide variety of features that can help a small business reduce its environmental impact while remaining competitive in the market.

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How is the Curby Mini Taper Different?

Unlike traditional tape dispensers, the Curby Mini-Taper uses a water-activated tape (WAT) that creates a strong bond when wet and applied to the corrugated carton. Instead of layering traditional pressure sensitive carton sealing tape (CST) and hoping for the best, with WAT, you only need one-strip of tape for each side of the box to secure your package as it welds to the corrugate. This means that the tape is both easy to use and effective, ensuring that your goods are packaged safely. You can confidently rely on the Curby Mini-Taper to simplify your shipping process with consistent and reliable tape dispensing results. 

Everything about the Curby Mini-Taper is designed to optimize its users’ experiences. The dispenser itself is made from durable materials that can be reused multiple times, reducing the need for single-use plastic dispensers. Additionally, the compact size of the mini dispenser means that it takes up less space, compared to other larger dispensers or carton sealing machinery during transportation.

Is it Worth it for my Business? 

In the current e-commerce market, small businesses need every advantage to be able to compete. Over time, small retailers who invest in the innovative equipment and processes they adopt can make a big difference in how well their businesses run. 

Let’s take a look at our 4 main components of innovation:

  • Reliability and Safety

The Curby Mini-Taper’s cutting mechanism is located inside the machine, making it a safe packaging option. It also cuts the tape cleanly and evenly, with a consistent feed.

  • Cost Effectiveness

The Curby Mini-Taper itself is economically priced, and it dispenses and cuts only the amount of tape needed. It often uses less tape to seal a carton than CST does, because just one-strip of WAT is sufficient for a secure seal.

  • Professionalism

Customers who use WAT and the Curby Mini-Taper appreciate the professional and upgraded appearance of cartons sealed with water-activated tape. This machine helps retailers both small and large, “Pack Like a Pro.”

  • Brand Visibility

Cartons attract more attention with branded, pre-printed WAT. Company names, logos, taglines, or other relevant messages on the tape is a cost-effective way to create a strong first impression. Customers are increasingly moving away from printed cartons, to plain cartons with printed tape to save money and reduce carton inventory.

By incorporating the Curby Mini-Taper into their operations, small businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and their support of innovation, helping them to remain competitive in the market.


At the end of the day whether you are a small business looking to reduce your environmental impact or an individual who cares about sustainability, the Curby Mini-Taper offers a simple and effective way to make a positive difference for your business and the planet. At Better Packages we prioritize just that - better packages. As consumers become more aware of the importance of sustainability, businesses need to look past the bottom-line and make choices that support the well-being of not only their future, but everyone’s.