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How Can Water-Activated Paper Tape Provide Sustainability?

By: Better Packages on December 20th, 2020

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People are continuing to switch to water-activated tape (WAT) for the several benefits it provides the packaging industries as well as the receivers. Because this tape provides such a strong bond to the corrugated carton, the sender can rest assure the package makes it to its destination safely and the sender will be pleased with the professional packaging. Another added benefit from WAT is that the material is made from paper, which makes for eco-friendly recyclability. Not only does WAT provide a permanent bond to the corrugated carton but also helps protect the environment, which is a common quality that people require when purchasing from specific brands. How can water-activated paper tape provide sustainability? Check out the article below for more information about how sustainable paper tape can benefit you as well as the environment. 

Water-activated tape sustainability

Know The Carton Sealing Tapes Available 

Sustainability may not seem like the most significant element but it’s important to know that switching to WAT not only saves money, boosts productivity and helps to market your brand but it also considerably protects the environment. Other carton sealing tapes such as plastic tape gather around 580 million pounds clogging U.S. landfills every year and this tape doesn’t even offer a tamper-evident and a guaranteed secure seal. Landfills have led to some of the most heated, acrimonious battles over pollution in the public commons that have ever been seen. Too much plastic ends up in landfills where it may take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water. It’s estimated that there are also 100 millions tons of plastic debris floating around in the oceans threatening the health and safety of marine life (Source). So if this isn't reason enough to switch than maybe saving money from sustainable paper tape will be. 

Saving Money On Material Costs 

With WAT, you only need one strip of tape versus several strips from plastic tape to securely seal your package. This will evidently save money on resources needed and reduce the amount of hazardous materials. Packers tend to use several strips of plastic tape to try to secure their cartons. To avoid this issue a lot of companies make the mistake of buying cheaper tape in an effort to reduce plastic tape costs. However, this can lead to poor sealing and higher risks of tampering due to the thinner material with less adhesive. While on a “per foot” basis, plastic tape is often less expensive, because packers use so many strips of tape for closure, the cost advantage quickly disappears and ultimately WAT is less expensive, not to mention, more effective.

Better Packages | Water-Activated Tape 

Water-activated tape has several benefits and sustainability is just one of many. What else can water-activated tape do? Check out some of the other benefits below:

Theft: WAT discourages theft because it is difficult to remove without leaving obvious signs of tampering. It literally bonds to the carton. Theft during the shipping process usually occurs because it is easy to do and difficult to get caught. With WAT, easy, undetected entry is not possible.

Cost-effectiveness: On a per-foot basis, WAT is often more expensive than plastic pressure-sensitive tape (PST). However, since you only need one strip of tape to securely seal a carton, the per foot differential usually disappears as packers often use two to three strips of plastic PST. Companies derive additional cost savings from the lack of theft associated with WAT.

Climatic Conditions:  WAT performs well under the extreme conditions of cold, heat, light, humidity and dirt, maintaining its bonding properties and the carton’s seal.

Branding: Branding is a critical element for businesses growth. By using water-activated tape, a company is easily able to print its logo or a message right on the tape in either full color or black and white. This keeps your brand front and center when your carton arrives at your customer’s home or office.

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