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How the Curby® Mini-Taper Helps You Pack Like a Pro

By: Better Packages on May 3rd, 2022

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In the current e-commerce market, small businesses need every advantage to be able to compete. It’s not enough to just provide great products—your business must also operate efficiently and professionally.

The Curby® Mini-Taper is a smart choice you can depend on to help you achieve professional results.

Used along with IPG's water-activated tape (WAT)—paper tape backed with a plant based adhesive that bonds the tape permanently to your cartons—this machine offers easier, more efficient packaging… plus cost savings.

It can help your carton sealing process with consistent and reliable tape dispensing results. The Curby® Mini-Taper provides value and dependability to help you achieve results.

What can the Curby® Mini-Taper offer you?


Dependable Results

Over time, the equipment small retailers use and the processes they adopt can make a big difference in how well their businesses run. Ultimately, this affects their bottom line. The Curby® Mini-Taper is a dependable choice to help businesses run smoothly.

  • Reliability and Safety

    The Curby® Mini-Taper’s cutting mechanism is located inside the machine, making it a safe packaging option. It also cuts the tape cleanly and evenly, with a consistent feed.

    Using this machine means no longer wrestling with tangled clear tape or worrying about sloppy or uneven cuts. Carton packers also avoid repetitive stress injuries. You can count on the Curby® Mini-Taper to provide reliable and consistent results every time.
  • Cost Effectiveness

    The Curby® Mini-Taper itself is economically priced, and it dispenses and cuts only the amount of tape needed. It often uses less tape to seal a carton than clear tape does, because just one-strip of WAT is sufficient for a secure seal.

    Moreover, the tape roll compatible with this machine offers twice as much tape as a clear roll. Using less tape more efficiently leads to significant savings and a reduction in waste over time.

    As one of our customers says,

    "We use the tape every day, multiple times a day … . The tape is easier, it performs better, and we don’t need as much of it. It’s a no-brainer; it’s worth it."

Promotional Opportunities

The Curby® Mini-Taper not only seals cartons easier and faster, but it can also help businesses grab customers’ attention with printed, branded tape. The packaging looks professional, communicates your brand, and can be a remarkably cost-effective way to advertise.

  • Professionalism

    Customers who use WAT and the Curby® Mini-Taper appreciate the professional and upgraded appearance of cartons sealed with the reinforced brown tape. As one customer says,

    "The tape makes our packages look better, more professional, cleaner. It’s fun to use it and the packages look fancy. Now I wrap a box in brown paper and seal with brown tape."

    This machine helps retailers both small and large, “pack like the pros.” It enhances your brand and professional image so you can successfully compete in the e-commerce arena.

  • Brand Visibility

    Cartons attract more attention with branded, pre-printed WAT. Company names, logos, taglines, or other relevant messages on the tape is a cost-effective way to create a strong first impression. Customers are increasingly moving away from printed cartons, to plain cartons with printed tape to save money and reduce carton inventory.

    And, when e-commerce packages arrive safely and securely, thanks to WAT’s strong and secure seal, it further reinforces your brand, showing your customers that you care.


Want to find out more about how packaging and shipping can be more efficient and professional? Learn more on the Curby® Mini-Taper product page.