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How to Make Shipping Easier and More Cost Effective

By: Better Packages on April 25th, 2022

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As today’s e-commerce market continues to expand, many retailers struggle to remain competitive. Busy, cost-conscious sellers are always looking for ways to save time and money and to maximize business results. The Curby® Mini-Taper can help.

The new Curby® Mini-Taper (BP222) is a sleek and lightweight tape dispenser with a small footprint. It’s an economical and easy-to-use machine delivering professional packaging results for small retailers.

The machine dispenses water-activated tape (WAT)—paper tape is backed with a plant based adhesive that is activated by water. When WAT is applied to a carton, the adhesive bonds permanently to the cardboard.

How can the Curby® Mini-Taper make packaging easier for you?


Shipping Convenience

The easy-to-use Curby® Mini-Taper makes the packaging and shipping process more convenient. It delivers professional packaging and shipping results at an attractive price.

  • Ease of Use

    The Curby® Mini-Taper is simple to use and operator friendly. Its easy push tape-dispensing lever quickly cuts pre-measured strips to secure on the top and bottom of packages, helping take the guesswork out of sealing cartons.

    There’s no searching for misplaced tape guns or scissors—the machine is always right there and ready to go. You can also conveniently seal cartons without the need to cut and measure tape, thus saving time.
  • Sleek Appearance

    Also, the machine itself is lightweight and portable (weighing only six pounds), with a small footprint and simple design. Visually appealing, it blends well into any small retail environment and can fit in even the most limited workspace.

    Many small retailers display it on the counter in full view of customers, knowing that it won’t disrupt the aesthetic of their store. It looks professional while remaining easily at hand to seal packages quickly and efficiently. 

    As one of our customers says,

    "It’s convenient. It’s there on the counter, and I always know where it is and where to find it. It always works well; it’s quick and easy. There’s no toying with it. Press, cut, on box and it’s ready to go. I love that thing."

Better Packing Tape

The Curby® Mini-Taper‘s internal water brush uniformly wets the WAT before dispensing it. Then it’s ready to bond instantly and effectively to cartons, providing the strongest, most secure seal available. This helps prevent much of the damage, tampering and theft that can occur during the shipping process.

  • Strong and Secure Sealing

    After the WAT bonds with the cartons, it creates a tamper-resistant seal. This reinforced tape is sturdier and stronger than clear tape—strong enough to seal even the heaviest of packages.

    The secure seal and reinforced tape provide peace of mind as cartons go out the door. You can trust that packages will arrive at their destination sealed and secure.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    The Curby® Mini-Taper is a great sustainable packaging solution. The machine requires no electricity to operate and is part of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)’s line of Curby sustainable packaging products such as the Curby Mailer and Fragile Wrap product protection . And the tape itself is recyclable curbside, right along with the cartons.

Achieving a secure seal with only one strip of water-activated tape means less material usage and less material waste. And, these recyclable materials are better for the environment. As your business grows, you can feel good about doing your part to help reduce the environmental impacts of e-commerce.

Interested in finding out how shipping can be more convenient for your business? Visit the Curby® Mini-Taper product page and MyCurby.com to learn more.