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Preparing for Peak Season - 10% Off with Better Packages!

By: Better Packages on August 28th, 2023

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As the summer heat takes center stage, we understand the temptation to slow down. However, as summer ends, the peak e-commerce season begins, and Better Packages is dedicated to ensuring your business is well-prepared. While veteran companies are familiar with the challenges this time brings, new businesses have valuable lessons to learn. As your trusted partner, we are here to share our hard-earned knowledge, guiding you through the upcoming season.


One of the first factors to consider is the container. What is the difference between traditional cardboard and corrugated cartons? Making the right choice in packaging matters as it protects e-commerce products from damage and potential theft. In the world of professional packaging, corrugated cartons surpass conventional cardboard as the most effective material. Their tough build ensures structural integrity and enhances safety during the shipping process. Unlike cardboard, which primarily consists of sturdy paper pulp, corrugated cartons are engineered with layered materials, ensuring durability.
Next, let's look into the importance of safety when it comes to sealing. With the creation of the Curby® Mini-Taper — a game-changer for small businesses — the process has become incredibly efficient. This innovative tape dispenser precisely wets the water-activated tape, ensuring a flawless and secure seal without the hassle associated with traditional packing tape. Our water-activated tape will also soothe the burn on your budget left by packing tapes that need multiple layers to create a proper seal. Better Packages WAT only requires one strip for a perfect and professional seal.
Let's shift our focus to the significant impact on cost reduction and the environment when you opt for quality products. By using reliable packaging solutions, your packages will arrive at your customers' doorsteps intact and securely sealed, regardless of the distance they travel. This assurance results in a noticeable reduction in claims for lost, stolen, or damaged packages, as timely and reliable deliveries become the standard. Employing fewer boxes and less tape not only cuts costs for your business but also contributes to a more sustainable approach, benefiting both your company and the planet.

Finally, let's address the well-being, safety, and satisfaction of your employees. While a busy season with plenty of orders to pack can boost your business, it can take a toll on their bodies. The strain of wrestling with boxes and tape guns all day can lead to repetitive motion injuries, which will surely dampen the holiday spirit. Our products are thoughtfully designed to streamline the packaging process, easing the burden on your employees and your finances alike. By investing in our solutions, you ensure a more efficient and ergonomic packaging workflow, fostering a healthier work environment and happier employees year-round. 
For over a century, we've been helping businesses like yours seal up the gaps in their packing process. With the right tools and strategies in place, we're sure to get your business fully prepared for the peak season before summer blows away. We're so confident that we're offering a 10% discount on your order! Just use the code ECON10 at checkout. If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy packing!