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Three Reasons Why Fulfillment Companies Switch to Water- Activated Tape Dispensers

By: Better Packages on September 13th, 2022

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Fulfillment centers face a host of operational efficiency challenges. From rising shipping costs to ever-increasing volume, fulfillment companies must overcome these issues to remain competitive.

Like many businesses, fulfillment centers must continually improve the productivity of their operations. Finding a more efficient packing method is one way to help keep ahead of the competition.

Making the switch to IPG's water-activated tape and electric tape dispensers has helped many fulfillment companies increase their productivity, efficiency, and carton-sealing output. Read on to learn more about why this is their best carton-sealing solution.

Increased Production Efficiency

Many fulfillment centers still use handheld tape guns and plastic tape. This can make it difficult for
packers to pack quickly enough to keep up with demand. In addition, sealing various sized cartons
with plastic tape can slow down the process.

Also, during peak holiday seasons or other promotional periods, when volume increases
substantially, it’s easy for packers to fall behind.

However, by using water-activated tape and electric tape dispensers instead, the total number of
cartons sealed at each pack station per shift increases dramatically. This leads to much higher
overall productivity.

Reduced Material Usage

To be sure cartons are fully sealed and secure, packers often use more tape than necessary. When
estimating the amount of tape needed, they might either use too much or add a few extra strips.
This is wasteful and also drives up costs. In addition, cartons sealed with varying lengths of tape
often look unprofessional.

Sealing cartons with water-activated tape means tape usage is reduced to one strip on each side
of the cartons sealed. This reduces waste and keeps costs down. It also results in more
professional-looking packages.

Improved Workstation Ergonomics

Throughout their workday, packers’ arms and hands can become tired from using tape guns and
reaching repeatedly across cartons. This raises concerns about potential repetitive motion

Electric push-button tape dispensing eliminates the need for repetitive motions with a tape gun.
The possibility of repetitive stress injuries for the packers is greatly reduced, and employees’ work
experience is much safer.

One of the best carton sealing solutions for fulfillment centers is the Better Packages' 555eSA dispenser.

This model of the Better Pack 555e series of electric water-activated tape dispensers is designed for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. This machine has:

  • An automatic mode for increased speed

  • The ability to interface with additional tools to increase its functionality
  • Safety features such as thermal cutoff and a safety interlock switch

Want to find out how Better Packages’ water-activated tape and electric tape dispensers can help your company ship more quickly, efficiently, and safely? Learn more on the BP555eSA product page.